Different types of Traffic Challan in India

When it comes to the safety of roads, the Indian Road rules listed in the name “Rules of the Road Regulation” came into existence in July 1989 and have followed still the date. Here you know about the Traffic Challan in India.

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These guidelines and rules are significant to the Indian drivers when they are on roads to make sure systematic traffic and safe drive. Many of us are ignoring the various traffic fines as well as starts the argument with the traffic police on the road.

Traffic rules are something which should be neglected or taken for granted. Following traffic rules are very important for each everyone, if you followed traffic rules properly. Then you can get rid of Challans from traffic police

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List of Different Type of Traffic Challan in India:

Here is the list of different challans in India, to follow the traffic rules properly also to bring down the road accidents frequently

Parking Related Traffic Offense

These are the main efficient parking-related Traffic Challan in India

  1. Parking of vehicles in such a manner which may cause a risk to other Vehicles –

You cannot park vehicles which should not create any risk for others. If we break this rule there will be fine up to Rs.50 to Rs. 200/- for 2 & 3 wheelers also Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- for 4 & 6 wheelers

  1. Illegal parking on a public road:

Illegal parking can create issues for residents at some times also hazard on public roads. If you disobey this rule a fine of Rs.100/- to Rs. 200/- for 4 & 6 wheelers

Document Related Traffic Fine:

Here are the few documents related traffic fine, which makes you aware of traffic rules

  1. Driving Without Driving licenses

As we know Driving without licenses is very illegal in every state from coast to cost, you need have a valid driving license. If we overcome this rule. Then there will be fine, of Rs.300 for 2, 3 and 4 Wheelers and Rs.500 for 6 Wheelers

  1. Driving without Vehicle Registration

When it comes to road, there are few things which every driver must remember, the police officer may typically ask for a valid driving license, proof of liability insurance and valid Vehicle Registration. Driving an unregistered Vehicle is a serious offense which can have extensive and terrible penalty up to Rs. 1000 for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers and Rs. 2000 for 6 wheelers

  1. Driving without Insurance

According to the Indian law, it is necessary for any vehicle owner to buy a motor insurance, if you are caught driving without insurance you will be fine as Rs. 300 to 2, 3, 4 wheelers and Rs. 600 for 6 wheelers

  1. Underage Driving

Many lives are crushed by underage driving, going for joyrides in their parents vehicle, we came across many new on underage driving, and parents are advised to feminize themselves with the risks linked to underage and moreover it causes a penalty of Rs. 300 for 2,3 and 4 wheelers and Rs. 500 for 6 wheelers too

Driving Related Traffic Challan in India:

  1. No Entry Violation:

If you park the vehicle in No entry place, you must pay the fine compulsory as Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 for 2 and 3 wheelers and Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 wheelers

  1. One Way Violation

Violating a one – way also means posing a risk to other road users, particularly if the selected stretch is not wide, allocate a stretch as one-way is one of the least expensive methods of traffic regulation and it may lead to penalty of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. U-turn Violation

Mostly, U-turns are almost illegal in business districts, in residence district and other areas, they are likely to be legal except where traffic conditions make them unsafe and it may cause fine of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Driving in Prohibited Area:

There are many types of driving prohibitions. Unsatisfactory driving records and alcohol-related prohibitions, driving while prohibited is a serious charge, it includes penalties of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers.

  1. Driving in Violation of Rules Imposed

Traffic abuse law coat number of illegal activities concerning a motor vehicle, this law deal with moving violations like speeding, drunk driving, and so on, fine for breaking violation of the Rules is Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Dangerous, Rash, High-Speed and Negligent Driving-

The court directed the Centre to consider stricter penalties for mishaps which occur due to rash and negligent driving, the SC had emphasized the need to strictly control road accidents reasons to negligence and penalty will be Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.300 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Footboard Travelling

Footboard traveling is very dangerous as we see, especially with students. So the education community has warned students not to travel on bus footboards and if they caught doing so many times, their free bus pass will be canceled and they may be charged Penalty of Mobile Court or RTA, fined Rs. 50/- to Rs. 200/-

  1. (Disability driving) Driving by Physically and Mentally Challenged Person-

Disability driving is extremely much a real option with few special modifications any vehicle, you can drive very easily and safely if in case anyone misused or break the rules then the penalty will be Rs. 200

  1. Running away after doing an Accident

As per the law, if any kind of motor vehicle accidents occurs and the drivers need to follow certain procedures after accident immediately, if you leave the scene of an accident the police will file the case and concerned person needs to attend court compulsorily

  1. Driving or using an unsafe vehicle

Driving unsafe or improper capable of vehicles, punishment for violation of chapter generally, inspection by a court enforcement officer without warrant

  1. Wearing Helmet

Warning element is compulsory while you are driving if we take proper precaution, then we can prevent accidents, warning helmet is an important precaution, penalty who drives without a helmet is Rs. 100

  1. Driving Overweight vehicle

The heavy vehicle travels on road, canal, bridge which has a dimension restrictions and the vehicle is over dimension for the road, maritime and Roads services may cancel registration for up to 3 years also Fine by RTA of Rs. 1000/- per ton or court

  1. Unauthorized Interference by the vehicle

If anyone, if doesn’t follow lawful ability or practical excuse or mounts any inactive motor vehicle or interferes with brake or any part of the mechanism of a motor vehicle, will be punished also fined Rs. 100/- by RTA.

  1. Allowing or permitting an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle

It is very illegal for any person in whose name a vehicle is registered knowingly to permit another person to drive who is authorized to do so the penalty will be Rs. 500/- for two, three & four wheelers also Rs. 1000/- for 6 wheelers.

Road Marking Related Traffic Challan in India:

  1. Lane destruction:

Sometimes people may occur lane destruction on signals in a hurry, but it’s not safe to cross the line and it causes penalty up to Rs 50/-  to Rs. 200/- for 2.3 wheelers and Rs. 100/- – Rs. 200/- for 4,6 wheelers

  1. Stop line Violation:

We can see Stop line violations on Road people stop vehicles on a zebra crossing as well as pedestrians find difficult to cross the road, the penalty will be up to Rs 50/-  to Rs. 200/- for 2.3 wheelers Rs. 100/- also Rs. 200/- for 4,6 wheelers,  if they are crossing the stop line

Number Plate and other Traffic Challan in India:

  1. Irregular Number Plate:

Vehicle number plate must be set out and displayed in accordance with road Vehicles Regulations, if there is no proper number plate then you must pay a penalty of Rs. 50/- – Rs. 200/- for 2,3 wheelers as well as Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- for $, 6 wheelers

Traffic Signal, Speed and Overtaking Related Traffic Offense:

  1. Traffic Signal Violation:

All states bear traffic laws which specifically need “obedience to traffic control signals and devices, which means drivers should observe and follow all traffic lights and stop signs when operating vehicles if they break the rule they need to pay Rs. 1000 for 2, 3, 4 and 6 wheelers and this violation is very strict also particular in India

  1. Cell/ Mobile Phone Driving:

It’s illegal to hold and use an electronic device while driving.Touching and swiping the cell phone for GPS is also illegal while driving. This may cause many accidents, also the penalty will be Rs. 500/- for any vehicle

  1. Driving after consuming intoxicants/substance

Driving on the control of intoxicants arises when you control a motor vehicle on a public highway or place open to public  and this law applies to all vehicles and if you disobey the rules it leads to court for punishment

Motor Vehicle and commercial Vehicle-related Traffic Challan in India

  1. Overloading Goods vehicles:

Overloading of commercial vehicles is one of the major reasons for accidents as well as fatalities on the roads also if there is an overload on vehicles you have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- to Rs. 200/- for 2,3 wheelers as well as Rs. 100/- 200/- for 4, also 6 wheelers

  1. Entering in “No Entry” time:

In order to traffic issues across the city, especially at peak times, the government decided not to permit heavy vehicles to enter into the city between 8 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm and if they disobey the rule it may cause to a penalty of Rs. 50/- to 200/- for 2, 3 wheelers also Rs. 100/- to 200/- for 4, 6 wheelers.

  1. Overloading of Autos with school children’s:

Recently, The state government passed a rule stating that only a maximum of 5 children up to 16 years and not more than 3 adults could be accommodated in a vehicle, if they cross this limit, then the penalty will be up to Rs. 50/- – 200/-

These are the different types of Traffic Challan in India. Indian government has introduce these rules for people safety.

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