Mizoram Learners Driving Licence

For Learners License, legally drive a vehicle on roads then you should have the valid Driving license. The LLR is the supporting document was issued by the RTO office also acts as a restricted Driving license. Driving License is issued by the Motor Vehicle Department through its Regional Transport Offices. Here is the applying process to get Mizoram Learners Driving Licence

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Eligibility for Mizoram Learners Driving Licence

Any person who has completed

  • 16 years of age is eligible to get a Learners License of Vehicle without Gear – not Exceeding 50 cubic centimeter (cc).
  • 18 years of age is eligible to get a Learners License of Vehicle with Gear also Light Motor Vehicle
  • 20 years of age is eligible to get a Learners License for Transport Vehicle as taxis, auto also more if it has one year

Instructions to follow the Rules Mizoram Learners Driving Licence (LLR)

  • Learn the Basic Traffic Rules
  • Learn the Basic Signs
  • Then you can attend the demo tests of your free test series for learners license (LLR)
  • The test consists of 20 questions and you need to get the 16 answers i.e., 80 percent correct for getting LLR

Procedure for Mizoram Learners Driving Licence through Offline

You can follow the Driving License for Learners in Mizoram as mentioned in the below process

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  • First, you can visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Mizoram.
  • In RTO office, you can collect the ‘New Learners License’ Application Form.
  • You have to fill the related information also submitting the required documents as age proof, local and permanent address proof
  • Once your application will verify and processed then you will receive an acknowledgment. If you are eligible, they will contact you
  • You have received your eligibility confirmation message also can visit the RTO with your original documents for the driving test.
  • You pass the test then a copy of Learners Licence will send to the registered address by courier.

Required Documents for Mizoram Learners Driving Licence

Here, list of required documents for License for Learners in Mizoram as below

  • Recent passport size photographs of the candidate
  • Application Form 2
  • Learners License Test appointment receipt
  • Age certificate as given by the registered medical practitioner
  • Address proof – Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Recent Electricity bills or telephone bills, Ration Card.
  • Age Proof – Life insurance policy, Ration Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Recent passport-size photographs of the applicant.

Fees Details 

  • Learners License for each class of vehicle – Rs.150/-

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