Can you Drive without License in India – is it possible!!!!

In India, every citizen has there own vehicles and as we all know it’s essential to carry proper driving license along with vehicle without driving, without driving license you may face many issues. Let’s have a look on Drive without License in India.

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In this article tells you what are the risk need to face if you don’t carry proper driving license to your vehicle. let’s have a look!!

challenges need to be faced without License in India:

If you drive vehicle without License in India more than one time then you be in jail under the section 180 and 181 for 3 months

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If you cross 18 years then you can apply for the driving license after learning the driving via RTA department. Why because they can test your way of driving and how can you handle your vehicle to issue your license.

The Supreme Court committee added this against the traffic violations on road safety. And next, police officers can take charge sheer against the drivers caught without the driving license.

At the time of counseling, people caught without the driving license also spread over the different platforms that can jail. Later it can change as to produce that paying the fine.

If people caught without driving license then they need to pay fine of Rs. 500/- and if they caught for more than 3 times without driving license then they will be kept in jail and they will provide counseling regarding driving rules

since from last year, so many cases booked for the driving without the license. As per the record, 4 people out of 10 caught for violating the traffic rules and without driving licenses.

And we can see the majority of people between the age of 18 years to 24 years.

As we can see now a day’s many youngsters come out on the street with their vehicle without passing there LLR driving test by violating traffic rules. The road traffic accident department was conducting the special drives for the road safety. The Indian Government has implemented strict rule over the helmet and it is the time for the driving license.

So, Hurry up!!! to apply for your driving license, in case if you don’t possess and cooperate with the traffic violence’s rules.

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