What Documents to Carry When Driving a Vehicle

Driving license is the main document which can operate different types of Motor vehicles in India. This Driving license is for the people safety. Here you know about the necessary documents to carry when driving a vehicle

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The license will give for the people after testing their driving style. So, let’s talk about the documents that carry while driving the vehicle. If you caught the police without documents then you need to pay the fine for that. If in case you not pay the fine then your vehicle can seize till you provide the proper documents.

A motorcycle license known as the two-wheeler license. This license is issued by the Regional Transport authority of all two-wheelers vehicles like Scooters, Moped, and the bike.

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Light motor vehicles license shortly called the LMV. This license is issued for the three-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles such as Motorcar, Auto, taxi, three wheeler vans, Jeep etc

You know Heavy Motor vehicle license in short form called as HMV. The vehicles carry heavyweight this HMV license issue by government. The vehicles such as the tourist coaches, goods carriages, cranes, buses etc. If the person having HMV driving licenses then he need not want the LMV driving license.

List of documents to carry when driving a vehicle:

  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid certificate of insurance
  • Proof of the tax payment
  • Your fitness certificate
  • Valid certificate of registration
  • PUC (Pollution under control) certificate
  • Valid evidence like tax payment receipt, renewal registration certificate, and insurance cover note.
  • Xerox copy of your driving license is not acceptable
  • RC book of the original paperwork of your car model.

As a citizen, it is your responsibility to follow rules as per your country. So follow all driving rules and carry required documents for your safety. These are the necessary documents to carry when driving a vehicle in India. The Indian government introduces these rules for the citizen’s safety.

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