Search & Check Driving License Status Online

If you want to know the status of your Driving Licence?. No worries You can easily know your Driving license status details through online but for this, you have your token number

Here you have 3 different methods to search and check the status of your Driving license:

Visit the respective state RTO (Regional Transport office) website (list given below) to check driving license details. Or Visit the Sarathi website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, to get the Driving license status online

Steps to check your Driving License status Online:

Through Parivahan Portal:

This Parivahan portal is hosted by Central Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check of driving license details:

  • Visit the Parivahan official website
  • Click on “Online Services” option from a menu bar
  • And select the “Know your License Details” option from drop-down list
  • Or else directly click on this link
  • Here enter the License number and Date of birth
  • And Click on the “Check Status” button to search the details of driving license

Through Sarathi portal:

  • Visit the Sarathi official website
  • Here select the required state from a drop-down menu
  • And enter your Driving license number and date of birth options
  • Click on submit button
  • Now you will get your Driving license status details to appear

Through official website for state transport department:

Road transport department provides the official websites for every state. Through that official website of your related state, you can check driving license status online

Important points about Driving license status:

  • Generally, 3 weeks of time period is required to delivered driving license to your home
  • If your Driving license is torn, damaged or lost can go ahead to apply for the duplicate driving license
  • The international Driving license is issued in India to accept almost in all countries in world
  • If you are not in home at the time of driving license post delivery then authoritative an ID proof who can accept it on your behalf along with sufficient documentation proof
  • Better to renew your Driving license before the expiry date
  • Through online and offline mode you can apply your new or duplicate driving license easily Driving License Application Form

In this busy world, a person worried about the applying process of Learners license or permanent license at RTO office. Through this parivahan sarathi portal, people can apply for their Driving License Application Form through online. Through the online application, applicants can also book their appointment to attend diving test by filling the desired information.

Applicants can apply for their license online by using learning license or Permanent license. People can also check parivahan sarathi driving licence status through online. Per day only 200 online appointments are taken for driving tests are conducted.

Required documents for parivahan sarathi online driving licence application Form:

Parivahan Learners License Application Form:

  • Recent photographs
  • ID proof: Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport
  • Address proof: Aadhar card, electricity bill, passport (any 2)
  • Age proof: Birth certificate, PAN card

Parivahan Permanent Driving license Application Form:

  • LL previous form
  • Original Learners license: Not expired
  • Pay fees online (because they don’t accept cash)
  • Form number 4 printout
  • Online payment receipt also slot booking for page printout

Apply for driving license Online from parivahan gov in :

The sarathi online driving licence application form is easy to understand also fill. Here is the step by step online process for driving license

  • Visit the official website
  • You can find the Sarathi website Link also just click on it
  • The page will redirect to the other page which available the entire driving license related options
  • Check the menu also click on the related driving license option
  • Fill the driving license application form with the desire details
  • Submit the application form through online also take the printout of receipt
  • You can also book the appointment for driving license test in available timings or slots
  • Carry the printouts of the appointment day along with all other required documents like age proof, identity proof etc


  • After filling the Vahan or sarathi online driving licence application form, applicants need to carry the printout of the form receipt before attending driving license vehicle test
  • For all type of vehicles such as 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, Heavy vehicles or 4 wheeler online application process is same
  • People can also renew their driving license through the parivahan gov in online portal. The application process is same but you have to pay the different fee for all.

Can you Drive without License in India – is it possible!!!!

In India, every citizen has there own vehicles and as we all know it’s essential to carry proper driving license along with vehicle without driving, without driving license you may face many issues. Let’s have a look on Drive without License in India.

In this article tells you what are the risk need to face if you don’t carry proper driving license to your vehicle. let’s have a look!!

challenges need to be faced without License in India:

If you drive vehicle without License in India more than one time then you be in jail under the section 180 and 181 for 3 months

If you cross 18 years then you can apply for the driving license after learning the driving via RTA department. Why because they can test your way of driving and how can you handle your vehicle to issue your license.

The Supreme Court committee added this against the traffic violations on road safety. And next, police officers can take charge sheer against the drivers caught without the driving license.

At the time of counseling, people caught without the driving license also spread over the different platforms that can jail. Later it can change as to produce that paying the fine.

If people caught without driving license then they need to pay fine of Rs. 500/- and if they caught for more than 3 times without driving license then they will be kept in jail and they will provide counseling regarding driving rules

since from last year, so many cases booked for the driving without the license. As per the record, 4 people out of 10 caught for violating the traffic rules and without driving licenses.

And we can see the majority of people between the age of 18 years to 24 years.

As we can see now a day’s many youngsters come out on the street with their vehicle without passing there LLR driving test by violating traffic rules. The road traffic accident department was conducting the special drives for the road safety. The Indian Government has implemented strict rule over the helmet and it is the time for the driving license.

So, Hurry up!!! to apply for your driving license, in case if you don’t possess and cooperate with the traffic violence’s rules.

Drunk and Driving Rules in India

Presently, lots of people having a drunk and drive case and this may cause deaths and injuries on the roads. So many countries have introduced the rules to decrease the number of accidents that caused because of driving under the influence. Here you know about the Drunk and Driving Rules in India.

These are the main reasons to reduce the ability to drive a vehicle. And the reasons are injury, natural aging, fatigue, infirmity and consumption of alcohol or drug. Science has proved that alcohol consumption is reducing the driving ability so that it may cause the accidents. So guys don’t mix the drink and drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a punishable section of 185 MVA 88. The main concentration of higher alcohol in the blood is a loss of driving ability.

Drunk and Driving Rules in India

Now, under the section 185 is the Vehicle Act as

  • Next, under the influence of a drug to an extent as incapable of exercising appropriate control over the vehicle should punishable.
  • Under the first offense, charged with the fine up to Rs. 2000 and imprisonment for six months.
  • The second or subsequent offense, if committed within three years of the first offense then the fine of Rs. 3000 and imprisonment up to two years.
  • The punishment of driving while drunk that may depend on the level of alcohol in the blood. The level of blood alcohol exceeding 30mg per 100ml of blood detected in the test by a breath analyzer.
  • If the level of alcohol in between 30 to 60 mg per 100ml of blood then the punishment of fine Rs. 2000 and imprisonment up to 6months.
  • If the level of alcohol in between 60 to 150 mg per 100ml of blood, the punishment of imprisonment of charge Rs. 4000 for one year.
  • If the level of alcohol above 150 mg per 100ml of blood then the punishment of imprisoned charge for Rs. 5000 up to 2 years.
  • If the same people will repeat the offense within 3 years of the first offense then the charge Rs. 10000 will be charged and will warrant a jail penalty also license will cancel.

What is Breath Test?

The Breath Test implement by the central government approved the device. It indicated the presence of alcohol to test in a person’s blood. Then the test will carry out by a person blowing into the device once or twice or multiple times

These are the traffic police Drunk and Driving Rules in India. These rules are implemented for the citizens safety. So don’t mix drink and drive.

What Documents to Carry When Driving a Vehicle

Driving license is the main document which can operate different types of Motor vehicles in India. This Driving license is for the people safety. Here you know about the necessary documents to carry when driving a vehicle

The license will give for the people after testing their driving style. So, let’s talk about the documents that carry while driving the vehicle. If you caught the police without documents then you need to pay the fine for that. If in case you not pay the fine then your vehicle can seize till you provide the proper documents.

A motorcycle license known as the two-wheeler license. This license is issued by the Regional Transport authority of all two-wheelers vehicles like Scooters, Moped, and the bike.

Light motor vehicles license shortly called the LMV. This license is issued for the three-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles such as Motorcar, Auto, taxi, three wheeler vans, Jeep etc

You know Heavy Motor vehicle license in short form called as HMV. The vehicles carry heavyweight this HMV license issue by government. The vehicles such as the tourist coaches, goods carriages, cranes, buses etc. If the person having HMV driving licenses then he need not want the LMV driving license.

List of documents to carry when driving a vehicle:

  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid certificate of insurance
  • Proof of the tax payment
  • Your fitness certificate
  • Valid certificate of registration
  • PUC (Pollution under control) certificate
  • Valid evidence like tax payment receipt, renewal registration certificate, and insurance cover note.
  • Xerox copy of your driving license is not acceptable
  • RC book of the original paperwork of your car model.

As a citizen, it is your responsibility to follow rules as per your country. So follow all driving rules and carry required documents for your safety. These are the necessary documents to carry when driving a vehicle in India. The Indian government introduces these rules for the citizen’s safety.

Different types of Traffic Challan in India

When it comes to the safety of roads, the Indian Road rules listed in the name “Rules of the Road Regulation” came into existence in July 1989 and have followed still the date. Here you know about the Traffic Challan in India.

These guidelines and rules are significant to the Indian drivers when they are on roads to make sure systematic traffic and safe drive. Many of us are ignoring the various traffic fines as well as starts the argument with the traffic police on the road.

Traffic rules are something which should be neglected or taken for granted. Following traffic rules are very important for each everyone, if you followed traffic rules properly. Then you can get rid of Challans from traffic police

List of Different Type of Traffic Challan in India:

Here is the list of different challans in India, to follow the traffic rules properly also to bring down the road accidents frequently

Parking Related Traffic Offense

These are the main efficient parking-related Traffic Challan in India

  1. Parking of vehicles in such a manner which may cause a risk to other Vehicles –

You cannot park vehicles which should not create any risk for others. If we break this rule there will be fine up to Rs.50 to Rs. 200/- for 2 & 3 wheelers also Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- for 4 & 6 wheelers

  1. Illegal parking on a public road:

Illegal parking can create issues for residents at some times also hazard on public roads. If you disobey this rule a fine of Rs.100/- to Rs. 200/- for 4 & 6 wheelers

Document Related Traffic Fine:

Here are the few documents related traffic fine, which makes you aware of traffic rules

  1. Driving Without Driving licenses

As we know Driving without licenses is very illegal in every state from coast to cost, you need have a valid driving license. If we overcome this rule. Then there will be fine, of Rs.300 for 2, 3 and 4 Wheelers and Rs.500 for 6 Wheelers

  1. Driving without Vehicle Registration

When it comes to road, there are few things which every driver must remember, the police officer may typically ask for a valid driving license, proof of liability insurance and valid Vehicle Registration. Driving an unregistered Vehicle is a serious offense which can have extensive and terrible penalty up to Rs. 1000 for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers and Rs. 2000 for 6 wheelers

  1. Driving without Insurance

According to the Indian law, it is necessary for any vehicle owner to buy a motor insurance, if you are caught driving without insurance you will be fine as Rs. 300 to 2, 3, 4 wheelers and Rs. 600 for 6 wheelers

  1. Underage Driving

Many lives are crushed by underage driving, going for joyrides in their parents vehicle, we came across many new on underage driving, and parents are advised to feminize themselves with the risks linked to underage and moreover it causes a penalty of Rs. 300 for 2,3 and 4 wheelers and Rs. 500 for 6 wheelers too

Driving Related Traffic Challan in India:

  1. No Entry Violation:

If you park the vehicle in No entry place, you must pay the fine compulsory as Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 for 2 and 3 wheelers and Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 wheelers

  1. One Way Violation

Violating a one – way also means posing a risk to other road users, particularly if the selected stretch is not wide, allocate a stretch as one-way is one of the least expensive methods of traffic regulation and it may lead to penalty of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. U-turn Violation

Mostly, U-turns are almost illegal in business districts, in residence district and other areas, they are likely to be legal except where traffic conditions make them unsafe and it may cause fine of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Driving in Prohibited Area:

There are many types of driving prohibitions. Unsatisfactory driving records and alcohol-related prohibitions, driving while prohibited is a serious charge, it includes penalties of Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers.

  1. Driving in Violation of Rules Imposed

Traffic abuse law coat number of illegal activities concerning a motor vehicle, this law deal with moving violations like speeding, drunk driving, and so on, fine for breaking violation of the Rules is Rs.50 to Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs. 200 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Dangerous, Rash, High-Speed and Negligent Driving-

The court directed the Centre to consider stricter penalties for mishaps which occur due to rash and negligent driving, the SC had emphasized the need to strictly control road accidents reasons to negligence and penalty will be Rs.200 for 2 and 3 Wheelers and Rs.300 for 4 and 6 Wheelers

  1. Footboard Travelling

Footboard traveling is very dangerous as we see, especially with students. So the education community has warned students not to travel on bus footboards and if they caught doing so many times, their free bus pass will be canceled and they may be charged Penalty of Mobile Court or RTA, fined Rs. 50/- to Rs. 200/-

  1. (Disability driving) Driving by Physically and Mentally Challenged Person-

Disability driving is extremely much a real option with few special modifications any vehicle, you can drive very easily and safely if in case anyone misused or break the rules then the penalty will be Rs. 200

  1. Running away after doing an Accident

As per the law, if any kind of motor vehicle accidents occurs and the drivers need to follow certain procedures after accident immediately, if you leave the scene of an accident the police will file the case and concerned person needs to attend court compulsorily

  1. Driving or using an unsafe vehicle

Driving unsafe or improper capable of vehicles, punishment for violation of chapter generally, inspection by a court enforcement officer without warrant

  1. Wearing Helmet

Warning element is compulsory while you are driving if we take proper precaution, then we can prevent accidents, warning helmet is an important precaution, penalty who drives without a helmet is Rs. 100

  1. Driving Overweight vehicle

The heavy vehicle travels on road, canal, bridge which has a dimension restrictions and the vehicle is over dimension for the road, maritime and Roads services may cancel registration for up to 3 years also Fine by RTA of Rs. 1000/- per ton or court

  1. Unauthorized Interference by the vehicle

If anyone, if doesn’t follow lawful ability or practical excuse or mounts any inactive motor vehicle or interferes with brake or any part of the mechanism of a motor vehicle, will be punished also fined Rs. 100/- by RTA.

  1. Allowing or permitting an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle

It is very illegal for any person in whose name a vehicle is registered knowingly to permit another person to drive who is authorized to do so the penalty will be Rs. 500/- for two, three & four wheelers also Rs. 1000/- for 6 wheelers.

Road Marking Related Traffic Challan in India:

  1. Lane destruction:

Sometimes people may occur lane destruction on signals in a hurry, but it’s not safe to cross the line and it causes penalty up to Rs 50/-  to Rs. 200/- for 2.3 wheelers and Rs. 100/- – Rs. 200/- for 4,6 wheelers

  1. Stop line Violation:

We can see Stop line violations on Road people stop vehicles on a zebra crossing as well as pedestrians find difficult to cross the road, the penalty will be up to Rs 50/-  to Rs. 200/- for 2.3 wheelers Rs. 100/- also Rs. 200/- for 4,6 wheelers,  if they are crossing the stop line

Number Plate and other Traffic Challan in India:

  1. Irregular Number Plate:

Vehicle number plate must be set out and displayed in accordance with road Vehicles Regulations, if there is no proper number plate then you must pay a penalty of Rs. 50/- – Rs. 200/- for 2,3 wheelers as well as Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- for $, 6 wheelers

Traffic Signal, Speed and Overtaking Related Traffic Offense:

  1. Traffic Signal Violation:

All states bear traffic laws which specifically need “obedience to traffic control signals and devices, which means drivers should observe and follow all traffic lights and stop signs when operating vehicles if they break the rule they need to pay Rs. 1000 for 2, 3, 4 and 6 wheelers and this violation is very strict also particular in India

  1. Cell/ Mobile Phone Driving:

It’s illegal to hold and use an electronic device while driving.Touching and swiping the cell phone for GPS is also illegal while driving. This may cause many accidents, also the penalty will be Rs. 500/- for any vehicle

  1. Driving after consuming intoxicants/substance

Driving on the control of intoxicants arises when you control a motor vehicle on a public highway or place open to public  and this law applies to all vehicles and if you disobey the rules it leads to court for punishment

Motor Vehicle and commercial Vehicle-related Traffic Challan in India

  1. Overloading Goods vehicles:

Overloading of commercial vehicles is one of the major reasons for accidents as well as fatalities on the roads also if there is an overload on vehicles you have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- to Rs. 200/- for 2,3 wheelers as well as Rs. 100/- 200/- for 4, also 6 wheelers

  1. Entering in “No Entry” time:

In order to traffic issues across the city, especially at peak times, the government decided not to permit heavy vehicles to enter into the city between 8 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm and if they disobey the rule it may cause to a penalty of Rs. 50/- to 200/- for 2, 3 wheelers also Rs. 100/- to 200/- for 4, 6 wheelers.

  1. Overloading of Autos with school children’s:

Recently, The state government passed a rule stating that only a maximum of 5 children up to 16 years and not more than 3 adults could be accommodated in a vehicle, if they cross this limit, then the penalty will be up to Rs. 50/- – 200/-

These are the different types of Traffic Challan in India. Indian government has introduce these rules for people safety.

Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence

The Permanent Driving License is a document which certifies the person to drive Vehicle. This article provides the complete information about Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence

To get driving license candidate should visit regional transport office, or apply online through portal which was launched by the government to help the citizens

Most of the users opting online source as it saves their time applying and booking a slot in short time, in the portal, you can check list of questions asked in the test and you can get all update information from the portal

Documents Required for Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence

The candidate needs to furnish below documents to get permanent driving licenses

  • Application in Form No. 4
  • Driving certificate in Form 5 (in case of transport vehicle license), from an approved training school
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Original learner’s license
  • Proof of residence (utility bills, lease/rent agreement)
  • Valid government ID proof (Voter’s ID, Pan card, Passport)

Process to Apply for Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence – ONLINE

Now, you can apply for permanent license very easily without any hassle through online. Here is the complete process to apply Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence through RTO’s Official Portal

  • Go to the Uttar Pradesh Regional Transport Official Portal website
  • Click on the list of Forms in webpage
  • Now, lilts of Form will display
  • Click on Form 4 for Driving License
  • You will get complete Application Form then Fill up the Form with all require details
  • After entering all the details correctly also upload relevant documents
  • Then, click on submit
  • You have pay fee through net banking or debit as well as credit card
  • After payment, you will get acknowledgment card with application number also status will be notified to the applicant regularly
  • Once after, completing verification process the candidate will be called for test
  • You need to book slot for appearing license test
  • The test consists 20 questions, from which candidate need to solve at least 16 correctly and questions will be on signs, traffic rules, and signals
  • If candidate approved in the test then he/she can collect their licenses

Step by Step Process to Apply for Uttar Pradesh Permanent Driving Licence – OFFLINE

  1. Go to the any nearest RTO office in Uttar Pradesh
  2. Collect the Form 4 from the office (or)
  3. You can download the Form 4 from Website as describe in above steps
  4. Submit the Form along with relevant documents in the RTO office
  5. After verifying the filled application form as well as documents
  6. an Acknowledgment will send to the applicant
  7. then the applicant will be called to test
  8. Here!!!! The applicants need to bring their own vehicle for the test.
  9. After that, biometric identification test will be conducted, where they will test candidate fingerprints and retina scan
  10. After clearing all test, the license will be sent via post at the address mentioned in application Form (or ) person can collect in RTO office

Driving Licence Test

Driving license is the most important identity proof for people who want to drive vehicles in public places. It is issued by the Indian government. This article provides the complete information about the process for LMV, HMV Driving Licence Test in India

In India, you may be issued 2 kinds of driving licenses like Learners license as well as permanent license. You will get the Permanent driving license after you have completed one month from the date that your learners driving license was issued. Driving license test involves both written and practical part.

You need to go RTO office for driving test. Through this test, RTO inspector checks your driving skills, and how well you follow traffic rules. You can also book an appointment online before you appear for the test.

Procedure for Driving Licence Test

  • Collect CMV4 Application Form from RTO enquiry counter or choose also download it by going online.
  • These are the documents provide for driving license
  • Valid learner’s license
  • All required documents of vehicle you propose to appear for driving test
  • If you are appearing for test with transport vehicle, you also need to submit the CMV 5 form that issued your driving school
  • Recent passport size photos
  • PUC certificate
  • Completed filled application form
  • You need to pay the Driving license test fee through online or at RTO office
  • Next, driving license test will conduct. If you have performed driving test satisfactorily, also the testing authorities confirm status of an issue of driving license.

LMV test sequence
These are the skills that you will assess on the motorcar driver:

  • Ability to drive forward on 8 shaped road
  • Ability to drive forward on road means an upward gradient. The candidate should be able to do without backward movement
  • Ability to Parallel Park
  • Ability to drive backward on an S-shaped road

Driving test for Heavy vehicles

Obtaining a license for heavy vehicles like Lorries, trucks, also buses was not very difficult. Applicants need to test well on the track specially designed for heavy vehicles. There are so many places around the country where license obtain more easily.

What will happen if you fail the driving test?

If you fail the driving license test then you must collect your Application form, documents and leave. You can appear for the test again after 7 days. You will pay the driving test fee when you appear for re-test.

Some important points to remember before going to Driving Licence Test

  • Bring your valid driving license, application form, also other documents
  • Many people go for driving test through an agent because they fear that going independently will reduce their chance of test passing. This is not true
  • Test slot booking slip along with new test slot if booked from internet or form any RTO office
  • Applicants fail their test for lack of confidence or lack of skills even though they have good knowledge about traffic signals and rules
  • Stalling vehicles will signal that you are not completely adept at your skills

Renew Driving Licence

Driving license is the most important document for people who want to drive their own vehicle in India. RTO department will not provide the lifetime valid Driving license for people. So this article provides the process to renew driving licence in India

This renewal process is because to check the fitness of the person at present days. So before expire on your old license you should renew your license.

If the Permanent holder has changed his address from one place to another then they must register within one month at RTO office. If in case applicant moved from one state to another state then he/she submit the no objection certificate (NOC) which is issued by RTO office.

Required documents for renew driving licence:

  • Driving Licence renewal application form
  • Applicant medical certificate
  • Valid permanent address
  • Age proof: PAN card, birth certificate, passport, Voter ID etc
  • Address proof: Passport, pan card, bills, LIC etc
  • Recent passport size photos

Fee structure:

The fee structure varies from state to state. The difference of amount is not a lot but in the smaller scale. You can know the fee structure by visiting your state portal.

Driving License Renewal fee from January 2017 is Rs 200

Process to renew driving licence:

People must download the Form 9 from the official website of your state or collect the form at nearest RTO office

  • Fill the application form with necessary details at portal also click on continue button
  • Next, upload the scanned necessary documents for renewal process
  • After successful payment, an acknowledgment will be generated
  • Take the print out of acknowledgment as well as visit the nearest RTO office
  • Complete your renew license process by giving the biometric test in RTO office

Then you can get your new Driving License within 10 to 15 working days through speed post

Duplicate Driving Licence

Driving License is an important document that provides by RTO. People will not drive any vehicles on public roads without driving license. If Driving License Lost or stolen, you will get the duplicate driving license by contacting RTO. Some of the RTO offers online facility to file for Duplicate License. You can apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence through the online as well as an offline process without any hassles.

Required documents for Duplicate Driving Licence

  • Application form LLD
  • An FIR or NCR of license in case it lost or stolen
  • Photocopy of original driving license
  • Original License (if the same license cars in a torn also soiled or mutilated state)
  • Details of driving license
  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • Recent passport size photos

Apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence through online

Some of the RTOs offer the feature to apply for a duplicate driving license online.

  • Fill the LLD Application form also submit
  • Then, you have to upload all necessary documents
  • You will be required to take print out of completely filled form LLD
  • Attach photographs where is necessary also sign the form
  • Then, submit the form to RTO office where you originally got a driving license from.
  • RTO officers will not take driving test for Duplicate License
  • After successful submission, your driving license will send to your registered address through post.

How to apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence through offline

  • Visit the RTO office that issued your old driving license
  • Collect the Form LLD which is for application of duplicate license
  • Carefully fill the form also sign
  • Submit the filled Application form also with required documents (as mentioned above)
  • Moreover additional documents might be asked based on the reason for applying for duplicate Licence
  • You need to pay some fee for duplicate License then collect the fee receipt
  • Then duplicate License will be sent to your registered address through post

What is the required information to fill Form LLD?

  • In Form LLD enter
  • Your full name as mentioned in driving license
  • Reason for applying for duplicate driving license
  • Driving license number
  • Class of motor vehicle
  • License authority
  • Expiry date of license
  • You must present the declaration that your driving license was not impounded by authority
  • After filling details correctly then you should sign on application form
  • If you choose to fill the form through online also for safety you can save the information