Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence

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In Arunachal Pradesh driving license is issued by the transport department. In India, if any people wish to drive a vehicle in the public places, then they should carry their driving license. Without driving license you can drive your vehicle in public places it is not safe for you and the other people. So that while issuing your license the RTO officers can check your speed and balance of the vehicle. This is the process to apply for Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence

Eligibility for Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence

You should have to complete

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  • 16 years to drive a motor vehicle without gear also not exceeding 50 cc
  • 18 years to drive the light motor vehicles also vehicles with gear
  • 20 years to drive the transport vehicles like autos, taxes etc

Required Documents for Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence 

  • Application form2
  • Proof of address: Ration card, Election ID, Electricity bill, Pay slip issued by the state or central government, Passport (any one of the mentioned document)
  • Proof of age: Birth certificate, school certificate, pan card (submit anyone of this)
  • Recent passport size photographs

Fee Details 

  • The person has to pay Rs 60 through the Treasury Challan

Validity for Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence

Learner’s license is valid up to six months

How To Apply for Arunachal Pradesh Learners Driving Licence through Online

If you are applying for Learners License in Arunachal Pradesh, first learn the basic traffic rules, basic signs etc.  There is no online facility for the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh. Through online you just download the forms which are related to the Learners license. You should take the free demo test for Learners license and the test contains 20 questions and you need to answer the 16 questions to get the license.

  • Go to the nearest RTO office also collect the forms which are related to the Learners license.
  • Or you can download the forms through the Arunachal Pradesh transport official site
  • In that link click on the ‘Download Forms’ on that select the option “Learners License” Then the list of the forms will display.
  • Just download the forms also fill it manually to save your time at RTO office.
  • After filling the form then submit it to RTO officer along with the above-mentioned documents
  • If you are minor then require the consent form from guardian
  • The officer will recheck your submitted documents also the preliminary test will to you

If you can successfully complete the driving test then you can get your learners license through a post to residency address

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