Driving Licence Test

Driving license is the most important identity proof for people who want to drive vehicles in public places. It is issued by the Indian government. This article provides the complete information about the process for LMV, HMV Driving Licence Test in India

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In India, you may be issued 2 kinds of driving licenses like Learners license as well as permanent license. You will get the Permanent driving license after you have completed one month from the date that your learners driving license was issued. Driving license test involves both written and practical part.

You need to go RTO office for driving test. Through this test, RTO inspector checks your driving skills, and how well you follow traffic rules. You can also book an appointment online before you appear for the test.

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Procedure for Driving Licence Test

  • Collect CMV4 Application Form from RTO enquiry counter or choose also download it by going online.
  • These are the documents provide for driving license
  • Valid learner’s license
  • All required documents of vehicle you propose to appear for driving test
  • If you are appearing for test with transport vehicle, you also need to submit the CMV 5 form that issued your driving school
  • Recent passport size photos
  • PUC certificate
  • Completed filled application form
  • You need to pay the Driving license test fee through online or at RTO office
  • Next, driving license test will conduct. If you have performed driving test satisfactorily, also the testing authorities confirm status of an issue of driving license.

LMV test sequence
These are the skills that you will assess on the motorcar driver:

  • Ability to drive forward on 8 shaped road
  • Ability to drive forward on road means an upward gradient. The candidate should be able to do without backward movement
  • Ability to Parallel Park
  • Ability to drive backward on an S-shaped road

Driving test for Heavy vehicles

Obtaining a license for heavy vehicles like Lorries, trucks, also buses was not very difficult. Applicants need to test well on the track specially designed for heavy vehicles. There are so many places around the country where license obtain more easily.

What will happen if you fail the driving test?

If you fail the driving license test then you must collect your Application form, documents and leave. You can appear for the test again after 7 days. You will pay the driving test fee when you appear for re-test.

Some important points to remember before going to Driving Licence Test

  • Bring your valid driving license, application form, also other documents
  • Many people go for driving test through an agent because they fear that going independently will reduce their chance of test passing. This is not true
  • Test slot booking slip along with new test slot if booked from internet or form any RTO office
  • Applicants fail their test for lack of confidence or lack of skills even though they have good knowledge about traffic signals and rules
  • Stalling vehicles will signal that you are not completely adept at your skills

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